Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cantrell Motorsports roll bar for the BRZ/FR-S/GT86

Posted an overview of the Cantrell Motorsports roll bar for the BRZ/FR-S/GT86 here.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Cantrell Motorsports Winter Track Tour to COTA

Cantrell Motorsports has put together a fantastic winter track day adventure and there is one more spot left.

This is kind of last minute and it isn't cheap but it is going to be an AMAZING trip!!!!!!!!

The only required event is COTA. How often will you have the opportunity to drive an F1 track? 
All the events (except Thermal Club) will be run by
The Thermal Club is a private track and getting access to it is very rare.

Cantrell's truck it leaving around Jan 9-12th. So this means your car would be in So Cal/Texas until May.

If you have any interest give Colin a call at 425-746-8960

Monday, September 06, 2010

Art of wallpaper removal

Rule #1: If you have to work hard to remove the paper, it has not soaked up enough water/remover mixture.

Supplies and Prep:

- WP Chomp Super Concentrate wallpaper removal solution. Buy one more bottle than you think you'll need; you'll need it!

- 3" flexible putty knife or a wallpaper scraper

- Wall paper perforation/piercing tool like the Zinsser® Paper Tiger Wallpaper Scoring Tool (2966)

- Trash container that is easy to move along with you as you remove the paper.

- Large sponge or an old hand towel

- Lots of water!

Rule #2:
It's really messy. Cover the baseboards and floor.

Step 1 Prepare the wallpaper.

If you are lucky and the wallpaper can be peeled off the wall, then do that. If it does not peel off, get ready for a fine upper body workout and get that Paper Tiger out and score the wallpaper.

Rule #3: You cannot put too many scoring holes in the wallpaper. These holes are your BEST FRIEND. If you think you've scored enough, score some more.

Step 2 Apply the paper removal solution on the paper or whatever remains of it if you were able to peel it off the wall. Work on 3' x 3' sections at a time. You can work on two sections at a time; soaking one while removing and cleaning the other.

Rule #4: Work top to bottom. The solution will run down the wall so the paper below will absorb the runs.

Keep applying the solution until it has fully saturated the paper; it takes a lot more solution than you think. If the paper can absorb more, give it more.

Rule #5: Be patient and let water do all the work for you; see Rule #1!

Step 3 Remove the wallpaper. In general, it should just slide off the wall in large chunks. If it does not, apply more solution and wait.

After the paper comes off, the wall will be covered in wet glue.

Step 4 While the glue is still wet, apply more solution and use the sponge or hand towel to wipe it off. These should be wet but wrung out. You'll need to rinse and wring the sponge/towel very often.

Step 5 If you are going to paint the walls, let them dry, paint them with a primer that is compatible with your paint.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Turbo is Back!

About a month ago we installed a 3.6L "built" motor in the Turbo and fired it up! Yeah! Finally!

This motor is actually a loaner from the engine builder because mine is not quite finished. This works for me, I'm just glad to be driving my favorite car again. We have my new turbos on the engine and a couple of different engine tuning programs; one makes around 550HP!

My dad and I made it to Thunderhill Raceway for some twin turbo fun! Here is the video:

And, a few photos:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Update: Shelby GT

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by Ford Mustangs; first, the 2003 Cobra and now the 2008 Shelby GT. The quality, all around, of the new Mustangs is a huge improvement over the pre-2005 Mustangs, and it looks like the upcoming 2010 models will improve the interiors even more. You really get a very nice performance coupe for the money!

Of course, when a car enters my garage, regardless of how good it is from the factory, it always "needs" some further "improvements" from me :) The Shelby GT is no different, in spite of my usual "attempt" to keep it stock...

After a few track days, the Shelby received front camber adjustment to -2.5 degrees to save the front tires! I also had several bushings replaced with polyurethane versions. Other suspension upgrades include lower control arm relocation, both front and rear (the car comes lowered from Shelby so I wanted to reduce the dive, squat and lean), and an adjustable panhard bar :)

The Shelby comes with a Ford Performance Parts sport suspension which works fine, but was a bit too harsh both on and off the track; it felt way overdamped. So, the dampers have been replaced with some adjustable KONI's; which have improved the street ride considerably and I expect to test their track performance this Saturday, the first track day of the season!

Here is a photo of the Shelby at the track:

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Addition to the Stable: 2008 Shelby GT

When I was detailing my former 2003 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra, just days before it left the stable, I had a bit of seller's remorse; I really liked that car a lot!

Well, it didn't take long, about six months, before my desire for a rumbly V8 muscle car started to get to me :) Actually, it started with a desire for a rumbly V-Twin Harley Davidson V-Rod, but family and reason talked me out of it. I've always loved those bikes; they look great and have a modern, Porsche-designed, V-Twin! Here is a photos:

A muscle car is basically a 4 wheeled cousin to a Harley, so it wasn't long before I started thinking about getting a new Mustang (the only other Muscle car that vaguely interests me is the new Camaro, but they won't be out for a while and I need a fix, NOW! :) And, I like Mustangs better :) ).

The current replacement for my 2003 Cobra is the Shelby GT500 Mustang, which is actually the car I wanted when I bought the Cobra. At the time, the markup on the GT500 was well over $10,000 and the local dealers wanted $25,000 over MSRP! Rediculously crazy! I bought the Cobra for $28,000; a tick over the dealer markup for a GT500. Now, things have settled down and I was able to find two dealers that would take $1000 below MSRP; what a difference two years makes!

The other Mustang that interested me is the Shelby GT. Confused? Let me enlighten you, dear reader :)

The GT500 is essentially a modern version of the 2003/2004 SVT Cobra Mustang; the top of the line performance Mustang. It is supercharged to 500HP (the Cobra was 390HP), has a 6 speed transmission and several other performance upgrades compared to a standard Mustang. Ford made a marketing deal with Carroll Shelby to use his name on the car so instead of being called an SVT Cobra, it is called a Shelby GT500.

Shelby is famous for creating Shelby modified and branded cars like the Cobra, GT350 and GT500; all from the 1960's. When the latest generation of Mustangs arrived on the market in 2005, Shelby started to make Shelby Mustangs again. Such Mustangs are sent to Shelby Automobiles in Las Vegas, NV, to be modified and converted to Shelby Mustangs and then sold through Ford dealerships.

The first of these Shelby Mustangs was the Shelby GT-H, which was only available for rent at Hertz rental stores at major airports. Shelby and Hertz did a similar thing in the 1960s. The Shelby GT-H cars are now out of the rental service and Hertz is auctioning them off so they are now available for purchase.

Before the GT-H's were auctioned off, there was no way to buy a Shelby Mustang, except for the GT500, which many argue is purely a marketing deal and not a real Shelby. As you can imagine, this is a hot debate among Shelby fans... I tend to agree.

Eventually, in 2007, the Shelby GT was introduced; it is basically the same as the GT-H, but could be purchased at a Ford dealer. The main differences are that the GT-H was available only with an automatic transmission, in black with gold strips and a different hood while the GT was available in white or black with silver stripes and a five speed manual transmission.

In 2008 the color was changed to blue with silver stripes and a convertible version was introduced. And that is the end of the Shelby GT production.

I bought this 2008 Shelby GT 5 speed coupe for the stable.

First track day is the 16th :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Turbo Engine Update 2

Kevin, the engine builder, from Ultimate Motorwerks stopped by the house last week to show me some of the new engine's parts so I can photograph them before he puts the engine back together. Rather than repeating the photos and their descriptions, here is a link to a forum thread with the details.

If all goes well, the engine should be finished in a few weeks and hopefully back in the car by the end of September!! It's been a long 9 months without my favorite car...

Porsche Turbo (993) at Pacific Raceways